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In LOVE with BUSINESS is a podcast channel dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of business, where passion meets profession. Each podcast series and episode is designed to provide insights, inspire innovation, and ignite your love for the business world.

Join me as I engage in compelling conversations with a diverse line up of guests, including managers, entrepreneurs, professors and students with unique experiences and perspectives on business.




This new podcast shines the light on Chief Sustainability Heroes – the inspiring business leaders who are leading sustainable transformation across their companies and industries. As more businesses come forward with ambitious commitments to address global challenges, the need for bold sustainability-focused leadership has never been greater. Hosted by Professor Paolo Taticchi and Melina Corvaglia-Charrey, Research Assistant at UCL SoM, this series explores the making of Chief Sustainability Officers and delves into the critical skills needed to navigate the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Guests of the series also offer insights about how, when faced with adversity, they remain optimistic about the future and the role companies play in creating a better world.



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