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Recent Projects

The NFT Sustainability Manifesto (2022)

regina NFTPaolo Taticchi launched the “NFT sustainability manifesto” to raise awareness about the opportunities and environmental risks for companies using NFTs. To promote the message of responsibly using the technology underpinning NFTs, the sustainability manifesto is accessible through a single sustainable NFT, which will not be sold.

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Racing towards a sustainable future (2021, 2022)

00700 x 466 Paolo Motorsport report July 2021_0

Contributing to two new studies published by Enovation Consulting Ltd, Paolo Taticchi has helped produce The Sustainability Circuits Index, a new methodology to rank the sustainability of international motorsport circuits; and The Sustainable Championships Index, a new methodology to rank the sustainability of international motorsport championships.

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Ripensare la didattica attraverso la tecnologia – una risposta “proattiva” alla sfida del Coronavirus (2020, 2021, 2022)

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During the Covid19 pandemic, Paolo together with other five Italian Professors from the Polytechnic of Milan, City University London, Open University and Berkeley University, co-designed and launched an initiative for Italian Professors to train them on online teaching.

The initiative, which become promoted by MIP School of Management with the support of CRUI (The Conference of Italian Rectors), had an incredible success reaching over 3000 academics (probably the largest initiative in Italy of its kind).

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Programme for Global Leadership Development (2020, 2021, 2022)


As part of his advisory role, Paolo helped the educational unit of the Umbrian Chamber of Industry (namely Umbria Business School) to launch a premium programme involving exceptional academics from top international business schools.

Since the launch, the programme has received significant attention at both the local and national level.

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